Rates & Information


Boarding rates are $23 per day per kennel. Additional dogs boarded in the same kennel will be an additional $18 per dog as size allows. Please note our kennel charges for every calendar day (not 24 hour period), regardless of how early or late pick up or drop off is. Early or late pick up or drop off fees may apply.

All dog owners must complete and sign a boarding agreement (fillable but will need to be printed, signed, and brought when bringing your pet for the first time) prior to boarding at this facility. All dogs MUST have up to date vaccinations. Written proof of vaccinations, specifically rabies, is required by the State of Missouri to be kept on file at the facility. A certificate of vaccination can be obtained by contacting your veterinarian and requesting a copy be forwarded to you or to our kennel at info@wadeskennels.com. Although it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended that if you board your dog frequently that you take preventive measures against Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

Along with the signed agreement and proof of vaccination, please bring dog food, the State of Missouri requires dog food to be in a sealed container with a lid labeled with dog’s name. Please bring bedding at your own risk, sometimes dogs suffer separation anxiety and will chew up bedding. We do provide blankets for the dog’s comfort at no cost to the owner. Please feel free to bring toys, chews and treats. Refrigeration is provided for dogs with special foods or medications. Each kennel is provided with a cubbie to store dog belongings.

Please note that boarding your dog here is by appointment only!  Please call, text or email to reserve a kennel space.  Prior arrangements NEED to be made for drop off and pick up times before bringing your dog for boarding.  Please feel free to contact us for a tour ahead of time if you would prefer. We have no set hours since the kennels are at our residence, we try to work out the best time for you if we can.  Thank you.